About Gloria

Gloria Hayley Kummer has over twenty years of professional experience as an interior designer. She is currently the principal of the second of her own firms, Gloria Hayley Interior Design. She trained for four years as an apprentice to master designer Lance Turner (1927–2014) from whom she learned classical proportioning, furnishing scaling, and appropriately combining color, texture, and materials.

In addition to her aesthetic proficiency, Gloria is an expert project manager. As the Director of Interiors at VCBO Architecture, Gloria grew the department from zero to thirteen designers, with an accompanying increase in business. Since then, she has developed her own interior design software that she and her staff use to track projects from commission to completion. She keeps abreast of building and design codes and asks the specification questions of suppliers that many designers do not know to ask. She is proficient in CAD, AutoCAD, and Revit, as well as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Lightroom. At the same time, she is a lifelong artist who often draws and colors her own renderings by hand.

For the past nine years, Gloria has devoted most of her skill set to the interior architecture and interior design of LDS temples. While working on these projects, she contributed to the development of design standards and procedures that the church uses today. Other projects include residential, hospitality, office, retail, branding, procurement, installation, and specification writing. Through these projects, she has developed an extensive network of colleagues, suppliers, and consultants whose expertise she draws upon to augment the value she delivers to each and every client.